Welcome to my running blog. I am currently training to run two marathons in April 2011 - Paris and London - to help celebrate my 30th Birthday. I often get asked about my training methods so thought would write a blog so you can see what it takes -also it provides me with a momento of the last few months of my twenties! In addition to the personal challenge I will be raising money for charity - please see my fundraising page for more details:

Monday, 31 January 2011

Week 4 cont: Wandering in the Wiltshire Wilderness

Spent the weekend at a friends 30th Birthday celebration in lovely Wiltshire. Stayed in a beautiful farm cottage in the middle of nowhere. Seems like there were some other keen runners there and when I woke up on saturday there was a decent group ready to run off the beers from the night before! We went for a nice gentle five miles then in the afternoon  had a long walk and a visit to the local pub to recover. Sunday set out for a run on my with the main task being to avoid the ruts and animal hoofprints in the fields – really don’t want to suffer a twisted ankle at this stage! Nice and steady run in glorious winter sunshine – managed 12km in a little over an hour and wasn’t feeling too bad despite a long evening of food and drinks.  I've also bought some new shoes - check out the rather garish red number in the pic to the right. They have treads for off road running - was a real pain using standard shoes in the mud then having to clean them before going to the gym - never mind the slipping and sliding. I have normal brooks shoes that have been running in for the past three years so deicded to check out their off road model - overalll decent - although a bit heavy especially when full of mud. Have a few more off road runs this season so will see how they fare.
Great weekend and back into London on Sunday in time for Bikram Yoga. Since trying it out in 2008 have become a massive fan of what is basically yoga in a sauna. I find it much more intense than any other yoga type – it genuinely feels like a proper workout when i've finished plus I feel v cleansed having sweated out several times my own body weight! It has helped me with flexibility and avoiding injuries and I woulld do it more often however weekends are about the only time I can fit it in: if I go in the evenings I am far too hot to sleep! Andy Murray is a big fan of it too - judge that how you want!

KM RanWeek 4 total 64km  (plan 60km)
Week 5 Plan 70km (including 21km Watford half marathon on sunday - wish me luck!)

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