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Monday, 21 February 2011

Week 7: Doughnut or the hole?

'Twixt optimist and pessimist
    The difference is droll:
The optimist sees the doughnut;
    The pessimist the hole.

If you see the lovely, delicious doughnut…Then this week was a perfectly executed rest week for both brain and body. A variety of extra curricular activities to keep the mind active coupled with a significantly reduced training schedule to heal tired limbs will have huge benefits in the context of my overall fitness regime. Indeed, the week could be seen as intense stamina training due to the late nights and early mornings – if I can survive all that then no problems for a couple of marathons.

…and if you are fixated with the hole. Then this was the week where the delights and temptations of London coupled with a lack of motivation contrived to scupper the best laid exercise plans. I had allot of fun, ate delicious food, danced the night away, watched one of the best football matches I’ve ever seen and caught up with good friends, however exercising didn’t get much of a look in.

The Week in Numbers:
Number of runs this week: 2
Number of gym sessions with trainer: 1
Number of visits to the gym but feeling too tired to run so did 30mins on the cross trainers instead: 1
Number of visits to the gym but feeling too tired to run, so attempted to cross train but too tired for that, so stretched for 5 mins then left in disgust, pausing only to drop my iphone on the floor and smash the screen: 1

Being a doughnut type of guy this was obviously the break I needed. For the coming week I have a relatively calm social schedule so aiming to clock up some serious KM. The aim is to approach 100km in the week which I have never achieved. Fingers crossed!

KM Ran
Week 7 total 32km  (plan 70km)
Week 8 Plan 100km!

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  1. Makes me feel slightly better about not hitting last week's target either. Looking at this and last year's stats (sad I know) I have done about 200 miles since Jan, compared to 110 last year - but all my times for set runs are down. Is there a lesson there that I should try the doughnut approach at times and let the body recover? D