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Monday, 17 January 2011

Week 2 cont - Hackney Horror

Quick 7km on the treadmill on Friday then onto the big run on Saturday. Life got in the way during the morning and it wasn’t until late afternoon that could pull on the running shoes, strap up my left shin which has started to feel a bit tender and head out to the canal. Considering I live in central London it’s very easy to get onto the canal and then continue in a big loop avoiding traffic all the way. Some fantastic scenery – the best of which is the new Olympic stadium. Site is looking pretty good although I suppose it has to as only a year and a bit away! Will try and get a pic next time I go past to make this blog a bit more exciting. Was dusk by the time I got to hackney marshes and decided to add on a small loop. Hackney not the safest place in the world and running through the woods with no light the mind starts to play tricks. Needless to say I picked up my pace – good speed training! - and made it out the other side with no mishaps. However I then contrived to get locked into Victoria park on the way back. Managed to vault the fence and get home for a satisfying 23km. Right shin feeling ok but with all the strapping my calf hurts… always the same - every action has a reaction! 20 mins of stretching and an ice pack and almost as good as new.  When I get round to it will upload my routes - I train with a Garmin GPS (305) which measures your speed as you run and also saves your route details.

Despite the big run managed to dance the night away in Maggies – great new 80s bar in Fulham – allot better clientele than crazy larrys! Sunday was an early rise for a round of golf then to Virgin Active Essex for 6km of hill training on the treadmill. Seems like the whole cast of “the only way is Essex” was there. Great people watching…

Decent week - above the target plan for KM ran - everything going smoothly bar the odd niggle.

KM Ran
Week 2  total:  61km (Plan 50km)
Week 3 plan:  20km (off skiing on wednesday!)

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