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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Week 6 cont: The Wheels on the wagon are falling off.

If you were to believe Ok! magazine you’d think you’d bump into celebrities every few meters in London. Sadly not true – so when I do spot one a great cause for excitement. Not sure how high this rates on the celebrity scale but Duncan Banatyne and Peter Jones of Dragons Den were sat a couple of tables away at Dinner on Thursday evening. Now why is this relevant to my running training you may ask? Well, v little I’d reply.  On that front the wheels have come off the wagon a little this week so writing about something else seemed much more interesting.
After the big half marathon last weekend my body has felt pretty heavy and lethargic all week. Also, psychologically I feel ahead of the game having recorded such a fast time early on in training so mentally have been less focused. After struggling in my run on Wednesday (see last post) I couldn’t  face squeezing in a run on Thursday afternoon so retired to the pub for pre dinner drinks. Friday I was similarly jaded and struggled to complete 10k on the treadmill in the gym. Saturday I woke up relatively early and decided to get a morning Bikram yoga session in to sort myself out.  Three problems with that:
-          Far too early.   11am class but should have slept more
-          My least favourite teacher. For some reason he annoys me and I find it hard to focus. Sunday evening the best class with the best teacher. And the fact that she is beautiful and Spanish is completely irrelevant.
-          Hungover. Still had a few litres of vodka and cranberry swishing around inside me. This does not mix well with exercising in a sauna.
Later on Saturday I made it to the Virgin Gym in Angel for a late session before meeting friends. Again the body wasn’t working and slogged my way to 9km at a pretty slow speed.
Currently it’s Sunday morning. Plan is to get out and do around 25k. Thought writing the blog may inspire me. Not working yet... will have to bite the bullet and head out soon. Maybe someone could come up with an invention to motivate me – am sure Duncan and Peter would invest! See you on the other side...

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