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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Week 3: Sickness then Skiing

Hmmm - tough start to the week. Started feeling a bit dodgy on Monday afternoon and thought just an upset stomach. Headed off for the usual post work river run but felt terrible. Unfortunately at my worst the furthest from home so only solution was to run back, shower up and collapse into bed. Think may have been a dodgy chicken breast I ate late sunday possibly combined with a lack of sleep.

Monday night had hot sweats - woke up extra early feeling average. I had rearranged my gym trainer to Tuesday before work as off skiing on Wednesday - so staggered to the gym and made a decent effort on the workout. However struggled through the rest of the day - progressively feeling worse and worse - achy and sore :(. Post work made it home - packed ski gear then straight to bed for a few hours. Got up at 9.30pm for a hot tea with honey and some ibuprofen and then back to bed.

One solid nights sleep later and feeling much better!  Off to Switzerland tonight - taking part in the biggest amateur downhill race in Europe - the inferno! ( Glad am -feeling better - going to avoid the precooked chicken breasts for a day or two. Skiing does mean I miss some running training but feel is good strength training and helps avoid injuries. Less said about the apres ski the better. Back into the running next week...

KM Ran
Week 3 total 12km  (plan 20km)
Week 4 Plan 60km

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