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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Week 6: ‘The pain is just weakness leaving your body’

So after an outstanding Watford half marathon (pic to the right of me in action!) I treated myself to a massage at the same gym where I have my personal trainer. I was introduced to a lovely, charming, polish girl called Joanna who had a big smile and was very welcoming. It turns out this is all to lull you into a false sense of security. For the next hour she push, pulled and pummelled me into submission. Half way through she asked if I had a very high pain threshold or whether she should push harder – was hard to explain that my teeth were gritted and couldn’t utter a squeak let alone ask her to ease off a little. She tried to comfort me with the not very comforting phrase ‘the pain is just the weakness leaving you body’ – hahahahahaha argh.  After an hour the pain was over – the diagnostics were that my IT band (the muscle on the side of your hip) was tight (which I knew) as were my hamstrings. My calves, where I often get problems were v loose and in good nick (probably because I focus on stretching them so much! Should spend more time on my hammys) and my body overall was in decent shape and well balanced. And with a cheerful smile and best wishes she sent me on my way.

If you too want an hour of pain - and why wouldn’t you? - then contact Joannna at complete physio ( It’s the day after the pain before as I write this and my legs feel great and fresh so in the end was well worth the visit.

As an alternative would recommend my friend Sheina Allen ( who will happily come to your home and torture you in familiar surroundings.

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